Family is more than just DNA


I really just need Sharon with Andy !!!!!


100 Day Season 3 Countdown - Day 48

I can never resist her looking over her glasses like that. She could get me to do anything. ANYTHING.

You are sooooooo right!!!
I really love her! Everything about her!!


In anticipation of Major Crimes 2x04 „I Witness“ tonight on German TV – favorite caps

Two of my favorite episodes in a row – last week “Under the Influence”, today “I Witness”.

I love the comedic talent of the cast – it is so unique compared to other Crime Dramas on TV.

Provenza and Flynn – hilarious! And I love how Sharon handles them both ;o)

Also great Sharon/Rusty scenes because of Rusty’s new friend Kris! They continue their progress in their mother/son relationship. I like their relationship so much! So much progress in every episode.

Very special was the bet between Sharon and Provenza – so wonderful to see how their relationship is growing. It was just cute and hilarious. Their faces are the best in that scene!

Plus: Mary looks so amazing in that episode!

Great Episode.
I love Sharon!!!!!
Provenza :D haha

Ladies of NCIS

Jen !!!!!! Lauren Holly!!!!

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In anticipation of Major Crimes 2x03 „Under the Influence“ tonight on German TV – favorite caps

One of my favorite episodes yet! Especially because you get an inside into the moral compass the MC team is basing their work on – you can’t judge until you’ve had to make hard decisions yourself.

I was morally torn with their decisions in that episode and one could clearly see that it was challenging for everyone.

Not to forget: Rusty is acting like a real teenager in that episode – I like Sharon getting into Mommy-mood! Sometimes they act like mother and son – especially in that episode.

Also worth mentioning: Everything Sharon – great hair, that satin blouse and the white blazer, so pretty ;o)  And: I really like the Raydor/Sanchez dynamic in that episode! And I always enjoy some Raydor/Provenza screentime!  

Like her/it so damn much



sharon raydor + favorites outfit




sharon raydor + rusty beck



100 Day Season 3 Countdown - Day 55

I’m running out of superlatives to describe this woman.

I have no words!!!
I love this Woman so damn much!!!


100 Day Season 3 Countdown - Day 58

And picture set number two - damn woman, you are FINE!


All of them loves her!
Everyone protect and save her.
All ot them really loves her!

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sharon & rusty

one of the best scenes!!!

The Tears in her eyes. The fear for Rusty. Sharons Tears. Provenzas interest in Rusty and Sharon. Sharons Tears. Rustys fear to lose Sharon and his new home. SHARONS TEARS!!!!!!
I love Major Crimes. I love Sharon/Mary !!!!!!

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